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Look at this insane transcript with "Marie" from Barnes and Noble:

You are now connected with Marie from

Ron: Hi! I signed up for the Barnes & Noble Membership and ordered $26.50 of books but still got charged for shipping and handling. I thought I would receive free express shipping. Please advise.

Marie: Hi, Ron. Thank you for joining Barnes and Noble Chat. My name is Marie.

Marie: I hope you're doing fine.

Ron: Thanks

Marie: You're welcome! I understand that you would like to know if you were billed for shipping fee. Is that right?

Ron: Yes.

Marie: I'll be glad to check this for you.

Marie: Would it be alright if I put you on hold for a few minutes while I look up this information for you?

Ron: Yep!

Ron: That's fine.

Marie: Thank you for waiting.

Ron: thank you

Ron: what's up?

Marie: Upon checking, it shows here that the items from your order is Marketplace item.

Ron: Sorry, I don't know what that means.

Marie: We regret to inform you that Marketplace item is not eligible for membership benefits. That is why your items are not eligible for Free Shipping.

Ron: Please cancel and refund the order.

Marie: We do apologize for the confusion this may have caused you.

Ron: And my membership.

Marie: As much as I'd like to cancel the order for you, only the Marketplace seller can process this request for you.

Marie: We may suggest that you contact the seller regarding this concern.

Ron: I'm getting on twitter right now

Ron: and letting everyone know your devious practices

Marie: To cancel your membership, I will be needing an information fro you.

Ron: I'm also going to take screenshots of this conversation

Marie: Do you already have your membership number?

Ron: I was not provided with a membership number

Marie: May I know when did sign up for membership?

Ron: Just now.

Ron: When I placed the order

Marie: Alright.I can submit a request to cancel the membership you have purchased.

Marie: Please be reminded once order has been placed only limited changes can be made. However, I can still submit a request to cancel your order. Would you like me to do it for you?

Ron: Only if a refund is made

Ron: You may want to escalate me to a supervisor

Marie: We can only refund you once the item has shipped. However, upon checking it shows here that the membership you have already purchased is now in shipping process. We regret to inform you that we can no longer cancel it.

Ron: Ok, so, you can refund me now that the items are already purchased and shipping, correct?

Ron: Also, the membership is delivered electronically, it does not require shipping.

Marie: We cannot refund you the items from your order because it is from marketplace seller.

Ron: I demand to speak with a supervisor.

Marie: And for the membership, we are needing a membership number to cancel it.

Ron: No membership number was provided.

Ron: I need a supervisor and / or a refund for this purchase.

Marie: And for your membership, it is afree trial.

Marie: There is no charged for it. We suggest that you contact us after 48 hours for us to be able to cancel it.

Ron: That's completely unacceptable.

Marie: I perfectly understand your situation, Ron.

Marie: You will really have to contact the seller so that your order will be canceled.

Ron: You are the ones who charged my card. You will also need to be the ones to cancel and refund the order.

Marie: The Marketplace seller can cancel the order for you. Since the item has not shipped yet, there is no charge on your account yet.

Ron: You just told me the order shipped.

Marie: That is the membership, it is in Ship Confirm. However, the other items which from Marketplace hasn;t shipped yet.

Marie: *hasn't

Ron: *which ARE from

Ron: You'd think a literacy brand would care more about your use of words.

Marie: Yes I am sorry, it should be which are from Marketplace Seller.

Ron: This has been very unpleasant on a lot of levels. I really need to be compensated for the time I have wasted because of your devious checkout processes.

Ron: *it should be which

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Ron, you do not understand that BN "marketplace" sellers is kind of like eBay. Individual sellers - folks who like to collect books and sell them online- pay a fee to BN to get a link on the website. Books ordered through the marketplace do NOT come from a BN distribution center, and BN does not charge your card, the independent seller does.

Seattle, Washington, United States #901855

What she was TRYING to tell you is that a "Marketplace seller" is a third party seller. They're someone selling a book that's out of print off of the website.

THAT is why B&N can't refund you. It's not their book. They're doing a service for customers that want a book they don't have in the store and can't order but someone else has and can ship to you. You were being a *** by trying to get a reaction from her by telling her you were "posting this to Twitter" (fyi, no one cares).

And secondly, you WERE provided a membership number.

If you bought a membership, it's the number on the front and back of your card. There was no need to be rude to the rep because you can't understand the difference between buying something from a third party and the actual store.


You trolls are paid by "reputation management" firms to undermine the cred of the legitimate complaints people post.

Miami, Florida, United States #805023

Typical customer who wants to be whiny and

upset with everyone else because he couldn't read.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #789176

Wow, you were a real *** weren't you? You looked pitiful and confused, arguing with someone who can't give you what you want.

As for your comment about "literacy brand" - they are not -they sell books for the authors who wrote them and for the company that publishes them. That's like expecting the hospital janitor to be able to perform surgery!

Besides, it was a snide, snooty remark. I hope that you write perfectly EVERY time.

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