I had two $25 gift cards. Made a couple of purchases, but still had a total of $19.24 left on my balance.

Went to purchase a Nook Book and it said my gift card balance was $0. Called B&N four times about this. They told me my money was "on hold" and they would contact the gift card service and have it taken off hold. Told me maximum amount of time it would take was 72 hours.

This was over three weeks ago. After all the phone calls I made, I asked for a corporate phone number. The rep told me "they don't have one." Are you kidding me? She did give me an email address.

Wrote a very detailed email to them. Never recieved a response from B&N management. Reported them to the BBB last week.

Basically, I feel like Barnes and Noble stole $19.24 from me!

Monetary Loss: $19.

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